Suicide Cleanup

We will work with clients and insurance companies to ensure that the property is returned to its previous condition.

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Crime Scene Cleanup

Do not attempt to clean up a crime scene by yourself! We are trained professionals in bio-hazard decontamination.

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Unattended Deaths

We specialize in helping families recover from traumatic situations caused by a crime scene, suicide, or natural death.

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Crime Scene Cleanup In Arlington

If a death occurs in a residential home or business, you need to contact the police right away. The police will show up to do their investigation and determine if the death was a homicide, suicide, or natural death. After the police determine the cause of death, it's time to contact the preferred funeral home of the deceased, if this information had been given to the family. Once contacted, the funeral director will contact you immediately with instructions on what to do next. After the funeral home is contacted, it's time for the cleaning company to clean and sanitize the scene in which the incident occurred. Arlington Crime Scene Cleanup is always available for crime and suicide cleanup 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


Adult Son Comforting Father Suffering With Dementia